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Tapas in Granada

There is a whole culture of tapas. Tapas in Granada means an obligatory snack as a courtesy of the house, served with the ordered drink. But “Tapear” (to take some Tapas) is much more than this. It is the perfect excuse to discover the gastronomy of Granada on a sunny terrace or a charming restaurant.

Any bar has its own specialty, and each area of the city is characterized by its places for Tapas. Navas street, which starts in Plaza del Carmen and the City Hall, is full of bars and restaurants. There we will find Los Diamantes, known for its fried fish, and has several bars scattered around the area. On the other side, in the city center, there is the Cathedral, surrounded by squares with unique places: Plaza de Pescadería, Plaza de las Pasiegas or the surroundings of Mercado de San Agustín and Gran vía.

There is still a lot of places to take Tapas beyond the city center. Surrounding the Plaza de Toros (Bullfight Arena) is famous for its bars and pubs, which make it a leisure area both day and night. There is also the busy street of Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, a meeting place for students and young people.

We just cannot forget the most emblematic neighborhoods and streets, going up the Paseo de los Tristes, the Albaicín and the Sacromonte. There is Casa Juanillo where you can also dine with tapas and dishes enjoying a beautiful view. In the neighborhood of Realejo we can stop for lunch in Campo del Príncipe. Or in Elvira street, which also has the famous Teterías where you can enjoy a moorish tea and sweet after eating.

Kinds of Tapas

There are tapas and bars of all kinds. From the tortilla, the Pincho Moruno (kind of skewer), fishes or the Russian salad, to the homemade croquettes, the stews or the famous snails from the Aliatar bar, at the square with the same name.

Some of the most typical tapas in Granada are the “Bomba”, a roasted potato stuffed with spicy minced meat; the “Requeté” (mackerel with red pepper), the “Pipirrana” (salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and onions), the “Remojón” (salad with cod, sour orange and seasoned olives) the “Calzoncillo” (stuffed dumplings with pizza garnish) or the “Salaílla” (a rounded bread with olive oil and salt).

Alhambra beer is the star drink of the city. There are other local beers and wines that cannot be missed in a tapas session.

So, what a better thing to do after your Pictourama than taking some tapas in Granada?

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