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Little known viewpoints

Everybody knows that the beauty of Granada can be admired from many corners. But there are some little known viewpoints that give us spectacular views without being overwhelmed by crowds on the most touristic circuits. Here are some of them:

Placeta Carvajales

It is located in the heart of the typical Albaicín neighborhood and, apart from offering spectacular views of the Alhambra, it is in itself one of the most beautiful environments in Granada. It is a small square with a dividing source and sheltered in shade. A small oasis in the hot summer evenings in which you can cool off under the imposing gaze of the Torre de la Vela.

You can access it from the Carrera del Darro up the narrow Cuesta de Santa Inés or from the Cuesta de San Gregorio, accessing the Placeta de Porras and then the beautiful Calle del Beso.

Carro Street

This typical alleyway of the Albaicín runs parallel to the busiest San Juan de los Reyes street. In it,you will find a small viewpoint with a stone parapet and framed by typical white walls with balconies and bougainvillea. It is worth stopping a moment to contemplate in silence the majesty of the Towers of the Alhambra and its green hillside.

Plaza de la Victoria

This small square is located at the foot of the famous Carmen de la Victoria, occupying what once was the orchard of a convent. You can access from San Juan de los Reyes Street, very close to the entrance archway to the street on the Cuesta del Chapiz or from the Cuesta de la Victoria that joins it with the Paseo de los Tristes. Despite its location, it is a little visited and perfect place to rest while we admire the Nasrid Palaces and the Generalife.

Torres Bermejas

Located on a hill parallel to the one that houses the Alhambra, this fortress, that was part of the wall of the Arab city, is integrated into the Alhambra and it can be accessed from the Cuesta de Gomérez starting at Plaza Nueva or from the Cuesta del Realejo in the neighborhood of the same name. On the access esplanada to the fortress, we can admire a view of the Torre de la Vela and the forests of the Alhambra that is very different from the one we can enjoy from the Albaicín or from Plaza Nueva.

Alixares viewpoint

Located on the Paseo de la Sabica, which links the Generalife with the cemetery of the city, this viewpoint surrounded by olive trees allows us to enjoy the beautiful views of the city of Granada and its fertile Vega. A wide view that goes, from the majestic mountains of Sierra Nevada if we look too the east, to the mountains of the Subbética in Jaén and Córdoba if we look to the west.

Placeta Puerta del Sol

This little square, located in the neighborhood of Realejo, one of the most typical of Granada, in addition to beautiful views, has in still perfect condition, one of the old laundries of the city. To access it, we will go up Damasqueros Street, which starts at Plaza del Realejo next to Molinos Street. A sunset outlined by the silhouette of the Cathedral of Granada is one of the spectacular moments that we can enjoy from this beautiful viewpoint.

These are just some of the beautiful corners of Granada that hide little known viewpoints for tourists, but in Pictourama we are so sure that it is worth your visit, that we have included some of them on our route. What are you waiting to reserve your Pictourama?

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