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29,95 IVA incluido 1 hour



Are groups of more than 6 people allowed?

At Pictourama we care to make sure you have the best possible experience and unforgettable memories of your visit to Granada.

Therefore, we have set a maximum of 6 people per session. According to the experience of our photographers, this is the maximum number of people that guarantees that your Pictourama will be unforgettable. In any case, do not hesitate to contact us if you have a larger proposal.

How long exactly is a Pictourama?

Our photographers have calculated the length of the walk so you can visit all the selected corners, but everything depends on you. There are people who walk faster and others who do it more slowly. Normally, the duration is approximately 50 minutes, but in any case, it will never be more than 60 minutes.

How long will I have to wait to download my photos?

Normally the photos should be available in two days, but their selection and treatment is a delicate process and at Pictourama we like to spend the necessary time. Therefore, sometimes the availability could take something more.

Can I suggest an alternative route to the photographer?

Keep in mind that, according to our professional experience, the chosen frames are the best to ensure your Pictourama is unforgettable. Our photographers have instructions to follow the route established by Pictourama and thus ensure a satisfactory experience.

Do we really not visit “Mirador de San Nicolás”?

Really!. Despite being the most famous viewpoint of Granada, in Pictourama we have decided not to include it in our route for several reasons:

– There are usually agglomerations of people that make difficult to take photographs .

– To get there you have to climb a lot of narrow streets, which makes the walk longer and more complicated. We do not want you to appear tired and sweaty in the photos.

– We have selected several alternative viewpoints, with easier and faster access, which perfectly meet the goal of Pictourama.

What files will I find in my download area?

In your download area you will find the gallery with the 6 photos selected by Pictourama and a ZIP file.

The photo gallery is the optimized quality version for publication on social networks.

The ZIP file contains the high resolution version of the same photos so you do not have problems when printing them.

Remember that the images will be available only for 30 days after their publication. After that time, you will have to contact us at to be able to recover them.