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Corpus Fair

Corpus Fair is the big holiday week in the city of Granada.

The main day of the week is the day of Corpus Christi, a Catholic holiday that is celebrated every Thursday, 60 days after Easter Monday. As in many other cities in Spain, besides the religious festivity, other ludic acts are organized. Starting on the Saturday before and ending on the Sunday after, the Fair is the main of the activities.

A whole week of fun for Grenadians and visitors.

The Fair

It is located in Almanjayar, a neighborhood located at north of the city and is divided between “casetas” (fair booths) and fairgrounds. It can be accessed by private vehicle or bus and metro services.

The fair booths can be private or public, but access is free in all of them except in case of specific private events. In any of them you can enjoy the typical ambience of regional music and dances, as well as the best local cuisine, always accompanied by the fashionable drink on these occasions, the “rebujito”.

The fairgrounds, organized around the famous Calle del Infierno (Inferno street), delights the youngest people. There are fairgrounds for everyone, from friendly carousel rides to the most daring roller coasters.

The Fair opening takes place on Saturday evening with the famous lighting of the “Portada” (main entrance) and the streets and with a big fireworks show.

Procession of La Tarasca

It is a non-religious parade in which a woman’s mannequin (called La Tarasca) dressed in the fashion of a local designer chosen every year, walks through the streets of the city center riding on a dragon. La Tarasca is always accompanied by a parade of giants and big heads (gigantes y cabezudos) representing local historical figures. Cabezudos are “armed” with balloons and use them to hit on the heads of children and adults. It is one of the funniest moments for the people of Granada who flock every Fair Wednesday to their appointment with La Tarasca.

Procession of Corpus Christi

In this religious procession, the Corpus Christi (Body of Christ) parades through the city. It is a beautifully decorated silver and gold Monstrance containing the Catholic representation of the Body of Jesus Christ in the shape of a wafer of unleavened bread. This Monstrance can be admired the rest of the year inside the Cathedral of Granada. This central act of the Corpus week in Granada takes place on Thursday, which is also a holiday in the city.

Carocas and Quintillas

From Monday, you can admire the Carocas and Quintillas in Plaza de Bib-Rambla. Quintillas are stanzas of five verses of minor art with satirical intention on current Grenadian subjects. Carocas are comic drawings that accompany each Quintilla. A unique and very funny custom that you should not miss.

So you know, if you come to Granada during Corpus Week, you should not miss all the activities that the city offers to you.

And, of course, do not forget to immortalize your visit with the best of memories. Enjoy a Pictourama!

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